Blessed is the Fruit of thy Womb…Two Rosary Meditations

Celtic Franciscan RosaryDISCLAIMER:  Before you read these, please understand I am not claiming some special “private revelation.”  I am just sharing my own experience in meditating during the Rosary.  May it bless you as it blessed me.


Today I was finishing the Rosary (which I had started yesterday but not finished), and when I hit the 5th Glorious mystery I found a very strong picture in my mind’s eye of our Blessed Mother, and flowing from her middle area were hundreds or even thousands of Eucharistic hosts. It was like they were pouring forth from her.

In case you are not sure or do not recall, the 5th Glorious Mystery is the Coronation of Mary as Queen of heaven. It was as if she was “birthing” these consecrated hosts, which were actually manifestations of her Son and our Savior Jesus Christ. This “mind picture” seemed to continue strongly throughout the entire decade of the Rosary, and it was as if Jesus as the Eucharist was flowing right out of her to the entire world. It was an intense moment but I truly thought no more about it and continued finishing my Rosary.

AND THEN–I then found myself startled when I prayed the very next prayer after this decade, commonly known as the “Hail Holy Queen.”  Besides dovetailing the mystery itself, that of her Queenship, one line in that prayer caught me totally off guard, especially in light of that inner vision of her, as Queen, giving us the Eucharist which is actually her Son but in hidden form of bread and wine.

Here was the line, so simple, one that I have prayed hundreds of times ove the span of my life–“Show unto us the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.”  What jolted me most was, that was EXACTLY what she was doing in my meditatiion just moments before!  I saw her as Queen of heaven and Mother of the hidden revelation of the Lord Jesus, her Son and the only begotten Son of the Father in heaven.  Indeed today I saw a small but real picture of heaven.  And she is indeed the Queen, and the one who shows us the “fruit of her womb.” His name is Jesus.



One of the many things about dwelling on the Mysteries of the life of our Lord Jesus Christ as we pray the Rosary of His Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, is the seemingly never ending variety of directions each Mystery may take as we meditate.


Last night while praying the Joyful Mysteries, somehow my mind was directed towards the Mass and similarities kept popping into my mind about the sequence of events during the 4th Mystery, the Presentation of the child Jesus in the Temple of Jerusalem.


First you have St. Joseph and Our Lady entering the Temple, just as we do, to worship and rededicate themselves as a family to the Father.  We do this each time we enter the church sanctuary, do we not?


Next, we have an almost priestly moment where the Holy parents hold up our Lord to the Father in heaven. While this comes later in the Mass, it happens as the bishop or priest holds up Jesus, hidden in the host and cup, to the very same heavenly Father.  In both cases, God is quite literally offered to God as a gift, and a way of connecting us to His Sacrifice.  And in both cases he is hidden—in one case as earthly elements of bread and wine, and in the other as a simple child from a modest family. It is doubtful that many in the Temple that day even noticed as this Holy Family entered.  Do we miss God as he enters our midst, in the Mass or otherwise in our lives? Far too often the answer is yes.


Now something interesting and wonderful happens—a prophet and prophetess, Simeon and Anna, are both drawn over to this child and speak amazing words over him. Does this not happen when we hear the Liturgy of the Word of God at each and every Mass?  How often are those words from Sacred Scripture seemingly “just for us” that day, depending on our situation and need?  And they are always confirmed with not one reading but at least 2 on weekdays, and 3 on weekends, not counting the Psalms of praise which too speak to us and assist in our prayer to the everlasting Father. And Simeon in that instance indeed offers praise and glory to the child who is his Messiah and Lord (Luke 2: 29-32).


Jumping a step backwards, we humble ourselves in every Mass by acknowledging our sinfulness.  Certainly, although Mary herself carried no sin, both she and St Joseph realized and recognized that their salvation depending on the child in their arms.  And this is further clarified through the words of Anna and Simeon (see Luke 2:34-35 and surrounding verses already mentioned).  Simeon and Anna, along with each of us, sing along with Mary and Joseph the holy Gloria of worship to their son Jesus and to the entire Trinity. And again we are there with them each Mass.


After this time of dedication and prayer, something too happens to remind us that Jesus did not come to earth just for ease or pleasure, or even to rule.  And what is above every altar in the Church overlooking the Tabernacle?  A crucifix—and Simeon speaks to Mary words that she no doubt could only dimly understand at that time—that she too would need to “take up her cross and follow Him” which is the message at every Mass offered and celebrated.  Amidst the joy it is predicted that a sword would pierce her heart as well. The next Joyful Mystery, that of finding Jesus at 12 years of age in that same Temple impressing the Jewish leaders with his amazing wisdom even then, would one day see them turn against him ( Luke 2: 46-52).  One day those same leaders or their successors would turn away from the simple Truth and glory of this moment. What may have been delightful coming from 12 year old lips would one day cause them to rise in jealousy and anger, and he would be put to death.  And every Mass makes the benefits of that death and subsequent Resurrection available to us.  We are there, and it is here.


Obviously there is much more, and as always the surface is only scratched during any given Mystery.  Perhaps that is part of what makes them mysterious!


But here is my challenge, to me, and to all who may read this:  allow your mind to move in many directions as you meditate.  You are not attempting to create any new doctrines, and most likely not receiving personal “revelations” as such.  What you are doing is letting our Lord through his Spirit become more real to you.  And last night the Mass somehow became just a little more real in my own experience.  That , in essence, is what Rosary meditation is for.


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