I just wanted to say that I know this page is heavily laden

with “Catholic” emphasis. I do not apologize for that. However I also

know that many of my friends and family, whether here or in person, do not

happen to be Catholic. I have my reasons for returning to Rome, and I believe

that they are valid ones. I know too that many of my Protestant

brothers and sisters in Christ walk far closer to the Lord than me. And I would

much rather be a committed Christian than a lukewarm Catholic “half

believer” any day.


I am a Roman Catholic because I have prayed, studied, and come

to believe that the earliest Church Traditions go back to a more Catholic than

Protestant understanding of the Sacred Scriptures. But I am aware this is open

to discussion and in fact needs to be a continuing dialogue between both

Catholic and Protestant Christians. Sometimes we are more concerned with having

“right beliefs” than with taking up our Cross and together walking to Calvary,

and then to the Resurrection, with our Lord.


I pray never to be guilty of this. If any of my posts ever

appear that way then I would humbly ask forgiveness from those who may have

perceived them as such. I do pray for the day when we are VISIBLY united and

may that day come soon–but in the mean time we all, if we love Christ and his

Word, are already united in the Holy Spirit. The rest is up to him as he works

within each of us.


So yes I am a “Catholic Christian.” But firstly I am a Christian. The other points

are all matters which we can discuss, even in a lively way, and have

apologetics discussions anytime, as long as we do so with respect and honesty.

But salvation comes through Christ and his Church–and that Church includes ALL

who have repented (turned away from all known sin) and believe in him as Savior

and Lord– in this context meaning the Lord God, the second person of the Holy

Trinity. That is not only the teaching of the Bible but also of the Catechism

of the Catholic Church. And I stand by it.



  1. I’m a Protestant myself (non-denominational), and I share your sentiments.

    I grew up in a very Protestant-dominated area, so I never really had much exposure to what Catholics stand for.

    The past few months has been really enlightening for me. I started medical school in August, and joined a weekly Bible study with a handful of other students. Since the only thing that holds us together is that we’re all devoted “Christians”, we naturally have a diverse group with a roughly equal number of Protestants and Catholics. It’s really been awesome getting to discuss various passages and what they mean from a Catholic or Protestant perspective.

    I’m definitely looking forward to “the day when we are VISIBLY united,” yet at the same time I’m grateful that things aren’t violently divisive like they were in Europe a few hundred years ago.


    1. Matt thank you for those words. Obviously I have reasons to believe in the theology I do. But I also know you and other wonderful Christians of all stripes have your own understandings that I can learn from. I do not think any of us has the whole picture…St Paul said we “see through a glass darkly” and those words are all too true. Ironic–and sad–that a few hundred years ago we might indeed have been persecuting one another. That could not ever have been God’s best or perfect will. Welcome aboard and post anytime. And if you have not read my own story it is under the “Who is this Clown” section at the top of my page. I would be interested in reading your thoughts on it. Blessings to you.


      1. Wow. I read the long version from the link you posted, and I must say that I was blown away. Gave me chills, even. Quite an inspiring story!


      2. I can only say two things, “praise God” and I am a “work in progress” far from complete. But I am extremely blessed to be able to share with people, known and unknown, about His goodness in my life. Even the unexpected detours have taught me huge things about myself and others. May God allow me to grow in Him. Thanks for your kind words and coveting your prayers. Glad our paths have crossed!


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