The other day I posted something regarding the opposite end of life, that is for those of us who have more days behind us than in front of us. It was called “Ageism, Rome and the New Media.”  In it I mention a young friend of mine, also name Richard, who lost his battle with stomach cancer around 2 years ago but not his battle for the happy death we ask for from St Joseph.

His widow now has a new family, and Jennifer kindly allowed me to post these two photographs of her yet-to-be-born baby!  I am thrilled for her.  She has been through a huge amount by anyone’s standards, but as a new Catholic whose husband wasted away in front of us all, before their 30th birthday, I cannot begin to imagine her pain and the test to her Faith.  Still somehow she has gone on.

And look at the results…and may I add Jennifer is a woman (so for those of you bent on my not speaking out since I am male, try to recover please), not in the higher income brackets by a long shot, and could have easily decided to “choose” (in other words terminate) this pregnancy.  And few might have blamed her with the hardships of life she still faces.  But she did not. How kewl is that?

People wonder how I can be “pro-life” rather than “choice” and my real question is, looking at these beautiful pictures, how can you not be?

Congratulations to my friend Jennifer, her new love, and yes Richard Lemke, who I know prays for them daily from above. God bless you all.


Finally on another note, Cecile Richards, daughter of late Governor Ann Richards of Texas and President of Planned Parenthood, is “upset” these days…I would get the violins but in this near Depression caused by our Federal government I cannot afford them anyway…

The truth hurts, Cecile.  Planned Parenthood is on its way out. Lord let it be so!


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