Everyone Is Beautiful…In Their Own Way–Even Me


A wonderful friend of mine, Lauri, a person who I know often prays for me when I start acting crazy and just in general, has a BEAUTIFUL sister named Heather who has Down Syndrome.  As a family (including Heather of course) they attended my graduation party last year from the Catechetical Institute at St Paul Seminary. I sat by her and we had a delightful chat. Christ’s love glows from her.

When I saw this article, Lauri, I thought of you and your family, and your dedication to your sister as well as to your Catholic Faith.  How we can think that such precious people are somehow not worth our time and effort is beyond my “pay grade.”  Way beyond it.

Heather, Me and Gabriel



5 Replies to “Everyone Is Beautiful…In Their Own Way–Even Me”

  1. Thank you for posting this, and the article Richard. Heather is my beautiful angel, even despite her sometimes exhausting habits! All people are a lesson from God. The mission is to simply be open to hearing it. Bless you my friend and thank you for the kind and flattering words! Your writings and journey are inspirational!


    1. BUTTTT…it would look so great with a pretty picture of Heather in the prom dress! Might that be able to happen?


      1. Of course it would! I just need to find the image for you! Can you get it from Facebook or should I email it to you? I don’t see a place to attach it to this message…. 🙂


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