“Nice” People Are Going To Hell?

One of the least “merciful” things we can do to others, friends and family or others too, is to lie about the existence of hell.  Jesus spoke more about hell than heaven in the written Word of God.  If all our Lord did was to speak an obscure parable or two on the topic, it would not be such a major theme throughout the entire New Testament from the Gospels through to Revelation.

Conversely, if Jesus Christ believed in it and taught its eternal threat both to the multitudes and privately to the Twelve, then Rob Bell and other “nice guys” are deeply in heresy when they try to undermine this teaching.  It is so clearly verified over and over within both Sacred Scripture and the consistent Tradition of the Church from the beginning until now. God does indeed “win,” as Bell loves to say, but we only win with Him by taking up His cross and following His path. There is not a third option.


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  1. When I dicuss heaven and hell with people, I seem to be one of the only ones who is not sure where she’s going. As my RCIA instructor Sister Ann Marie, a very saintly woman, told me, “If I open my eyes and I’m in Purgatory, I’ll be thrilled.” That pretty much sums it up for me.


    1. I would only add one thing–we believe as Catholic Christians in the mercy of God. I do not think we have to sit shaking in our boots worried that we “might go to hell” if we make one false move. It takes some definite choosing to enter into mortal sin, and even then we can repent (normally in the Confessional of course) and go forward again. I feel I can say, “yes I am going to heaven if I die” when I am in the State of Grace, and we know if we are or if we are not. But by the same token we avoid the presumption that we will be saved “no matter what” as long as we believe the right things, or say the magic prayer. So your points are well taken indeed. I am glad you followed me here, Ms DeMille. God bless!


  2. Your blog is interesting, I found it by following back from a comment you recently left on “Bad Catholic”.
    Hell does certainly exist and an awful lot of us will go there. Who exactly? I dunno. But the comforting thought that “If I’m a nice guy and don’t hurt too many people, thats good enough.” is a trap (Rev. 3:15-16). We’re to evangelize and constantly strive for spiritual improvement right to the end.


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