Christopher West, SSA and Heroes (and Brandon Vogt too!)

I do not have dozens of heroes in my life. One however is Christopher West, who has done extensive work over the years in bringing Blessed John Paul II‘s wonderful and amazing study of human sexuality, which he aptly called the “Theology of the Body.”  To clarify, it clearly covers more than the topic of sexuality.  However both JP2 and Christopher West have, to the chagrin of some and delight of the rest of us, taught us as Roman Catholics to become less prudish in our approach and more Biblical in our worldview of the topic. All I can say to that is “amen.”

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West recently wrote a new book by the name of At the Heart of the Gospel.  In it he deals with some criticisms of his own work by some fellow Catholics among others, and more than anything his ever-deepening insights into both life and theology which he has at times painfully learned.

Just a quick clip on this will give you the idea:

And by the way I have another hero too.  Brandon Vogt, who has the very fine blog:

as well as having written and edited the definitive work to date on Catholics and using the many new electronic options at our disposal, was kind enough to publish my own remarks about Mr. West and my own interactions with him on his blog today. Whatever you may think of West’s methods or interpretation of TOB, his love for God and other humans is undeniable. I know of it first-hand.

It should be noted that 26-year-old Vogt has a heroic side himself, and has come to the Church with a wealth of intelligence and concern for the “least among us.” The proceeds for his fine book are donated, 100%, to support of computer education in the nation of Kenya. I doubt there are a dozen new authors in the nation who have such a heart.  I am extremely honored to refer to him as a friend.  His book, The Church and the New Media, is a must-read even if you have never turned on a computer, or if you think “mice” still only scurry through your home when you leave out crumbs for them! For the record I have both kinds of mice these days lol. But I digress. Far from dry, Brandon brings powerful stories from top Catholic leaders such as Father Robert Barron, and has the endorsement of Archbishop Charles Chaput, yet another hero of mine incidentally.

If you wish to learn more about his book, as well you should, please follow the link below:

About The Church and the New Media

And yes, this is me attempting to promote it at our local Archdiocean event this last fall…I have since trimmed my beard and lost 17 lbs…17 more to go.

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The point of this all is to share the very kind post Brandon Vogt blogged today, of which I was the subject.  I would wish to return the favor by suggesting you support this up-and-coming Catholic guru of the online world.  You will be hearing a lot more from him. Guaranteed. Plus he gives away a lot of free books!  Here is the post:

Lastly the man has great dimples…I can only imagine many an older aunt pinched those cheeks constantly as he grew up while he grimaced and cringed…but hey we all pay a price for our successes!  Brandon you are the man indeed.


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  1. Good choices – while C.W. may not have always been the most PC in his means and examples, that doesn’t mean the examples are wrong. He gets under the Pope’s message like no other with such expressive command. God bless his efforts.


    1. Actually I saw him in person twice and saw very little to criticize even in the PC department. He speaks in the language of the crowd he ministers to, and that is not all bad. Thanks for posting, filiusdextrus! Share anytime.


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