This blog went “live” on November 11, 2011, just over 3 months ago.  Since that time, I have had some great opportunities to connect, not only with my Facebook family and friends who were already following my sometimes inane but occasionally inspired  words, but with a far larger audience within the greater blogosphere.

Just a few statistics that humble me and yet encourage me forward…Today I will be hitting my 14,000th “hit.”  Largely this is due to numerous friends who have helped promote this blog, to those who as I said had already been reading my thoughts and words from FB, and, more than anything, to Tito Edwards, who has generously and often promoted me through daily blog links to numerous Catholic sites through his page:

and which is also published within the National Catholic Register (now owned and operated by EWTN)  blog page on a daily basis. That has been some beautiful exposure to say the very least.

Cover of "Through Gates of Splendor"
Cover of Through Gates of Splendor

I also have connected with 91 nations, posted 126 separate times, and had as diverse an audience as the well-known and highly regarded Dr. Thomas Howard, who I write about in my conversion story and who is the brother of Elisabeth Elliott (whose husband Jim was a martyred missionary to Ecuador and a hero of mine even in my teen years). Both of them are tremendous authors and indeed have stories to tell which the whole Christian wold has taken note of over the years. Dr. Howard and I have corresponded over the last 5 years, and he gave me permission to quote him regarding my blog stating:

“Well, bravo. Your piece on abortion was “bang on”, as the English say. It’s encouraging to know you’re in there fighting the good fight.The responses you got were also encouraging. You speak with great courage and circumspection. And again, orchids and laurels to you for what you’re doing.”

Pretty rich endorsement from one of  the former editors of Christianity Today, and  author of so many books which have helped and guided people such as the great Jeff Cavins during his own return to the Faith.

Another person whose site has referred many to mine is Patrick Vandapool. I first came into contact with this unique man on FB, and have continued to stay in touch through his blog “A Catholic UNapologist” which is pretty–well, unapologetic.  While he and I have distinctly different styles, we share a love for the Lord and the Catholic Faith, and I am proud to consider him a friend and fellow sojourner.  Here is a link to his page:

And last but certainly not least, I actually won an award via a new friend,  Tony Layne, whose blog “Outside the Asylum” is just one of those well-written and charitable perspectives within the Faith.  He always has some good stuff to say. I humbly thank you Tony! Visit him at:

And here is the award:

I have probably forgotten someone, but I do know this, each person who has ever stopped by even for a moment has been important to me, and caused me much gladness to be within the ever-widening circle of Catholic Christian blogging!   I do not know what the future holds, in a year my blog may be doubled in size, or it may be defunct. Only our Lord knows.  My last blog had exactly 4 followers in as many years, and I was one of the four!  This one so far has over 170 and again in just 3 months. I can only believe God has some purpose in my words going out in directions I would not have imagined 6 months ago.  I would, more than anything, therefore ask humbly for your prayers that I may continue to use it in a way He sees fit.  And I love being able to share my heart with so many.

God’s peace to each of you and thanks again.



  1. Congratulations on the exposure and the recognition, brother! What is truly wonderful is that I know you do this blog, not for those things (in a self-focused way), but for the glory of God and the good of others. Congrats and keep writing!!


    1. I only say what is truth…THANKS so much! I am touched by any confidence you place in the Christ within me. God bless!


  2. Hi Richard, this comment has nothing to do with the article. I just couldn’t find a way to contact you otherwise! I’m studying the pros and cons of gay adoption and am wondering if you have written anything on the subject?


    1. I have not–there is a woman, Dawn Stefanowicz, who was raised by her LGBT dad and she shares here own experiences. She is a fine woman, I have seen her on EWTN, and she shares her own journey without condemning her father in any way. But she presents some powerful arguments against it. And I think she is very right on her perceptions. Thanks for writing. If you want to contact me directly let me know and I will email you. God bless!


    2. I did neglect this link too from “Bad Catholic” Marc Barnes–ironically it mentions my page too, so has I have gotten a bunch of traffic from him through it. It is about the topic of same-sex marriage but includes a video clip of a son who obviously had a good, rather than bad, experience with it. Worth both watching the clip and then reading the young Marc’s good insights as well. He is fair and charitable about it.


  3. Hello, Sir!!! I’m so glad for the far reach that God has blessed your blog with. Thanks for bringing up our mutual martyr! You truly do live out his famous quote, “He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose.” Cheers, my friend!


    1. Well same back at you! I am glad you mentioned that famous Elliott quote too. Hope and with prayer all is well for you both.


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