Guarding the Flock from a ‘bridge’ to nowhere

I dare not judge his heart or anyone’s, but we can judge their actions and challenge their belief systems. Michael you and I have often communicated in the past, and hopefully in the future, regarding this topic, as I too come to our Lord and Church as a broken yet in process of mending man who happens to have SSA. I cannot think of a word in your article I disagree with or a concern I do not also share. Thank you for your well-placed words. I hope you know I pray for you every single day and yes, consider you a friend. A good one. And even a better priest one day soon. God bless! With your permission I am reposting.

The Easter People

Late last year, Father James Martin SJ accepted an award from New Ways Ministry. This is an LGBT advocacy group that claims to be Catholic. He is turning the talk he gave at this award ceremony in to a book that he is releasing later this summer. There’s a problem with this. The Vatican, after reviewing the group, informed the Catholic faithful that this group is not faithful to Catholic Church teaching on human sexuality and the sacrament of marriage. (

This is in contrast to “Courage”, the only Vatican approved ministry for persons who experience same sex attraction. In this video, particularly at the point I have linked to, Father James Martin suggests that advocates at NWM can bring “change” to the Church. That’s the least disturbing part.


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