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JUST SO YOU KNOW: The posts from this site will be from a Catholic Christian and moderate political stance.  Among other things, this means that I unapologetically believe in the Christian Faith, particularly as revealed through the lens of the Roman Catholic Church.  Having said that, I have friends and family from all—or no—faith backgrounds.  I respect their views as well and it is not my intent to ridicule or censor either those views or those individuals. I am also not anti-Semitic nor anti-Muslim.

This does not mean I will take no stands on issues. I am a full supporter of the Pro-Life movement.  I believe that life begins at conception, and that it takes no religious beliefs whatsoever to understand that. Science does just fine in this case. When a living organism from two separate human beings  unites via fertilization and begins to form a 3rd but distinctly separate unit, that entity is then a “life of the human variety” and needs to be protected as such.

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Another but equally important side of being for the “culture of life” is to support and protect those in poverty or who, for other reasons, are in such desperation that abortion seems the only way out for them.  I do not judge their souls nor will I allow such judgments posted on this blog or page.  I do believe in sustaining crisis pregnancy centers and other such alternatives however, and in not being forced to give tax dollars to atrocious organizations such as Planned Parenthood.

As to my stance on  LGBT issues, particularly in reference to long-term relationships as marriages or civil unions, I do not wish to deny any such benefits as health care, equal housing, Social Security/pensions, or for that matter any other municipal, state or Federal benefits for actively gay, lesbian or other sexual minorities who are in long-term relationships which are akin to marriage. I believe it is up to individual church groups, synagogues or mosques, not the government, to choose whether to bless such unions sacramentally or not. Simple. That is my view.

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It must be said however I am “udderly” against inter-species unions, such as with Fido or Mr. Ed–all such “horsing around” or “dog-eat-dog” mentalities will be the death of this nation yet!!!  Okay light moment is over…Sorry Wilbur–and Ed.

Lastly, I am not a member of any “Far Right” or “Far Left” coalitions so please do not pigeon-hole me as such.  I have spent many years of my life as a Democrat and only recently have begun to find my voice as a moderate Republican. However I have come to believe that I am more of a centrist in any case and do not fit either party in total.  I do not think that the answer to the culture wars we face lies fully in politics, however.  Primarily it consists of  changes  made inside each heart.

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For the record I also do not doubt that our current President Barack Obama was legitimately and legally elected and I respect both him and the office he holds. He has, arguably, one of the most difficult and crucial positions in world leadership. I pray daily for him, his Cabinet, our nation’s Congress, the Supreme Court, all other federal and local officials, and world leaders from all other nations. There are also areas where I have strong ideological differences with him and the direction he is taking our nation. But to insult either him or his place as President is off-limits here.

Economics by the way is only a symptom of deeper issues, such as a lack of studying and following after the original intent of the Founding Fathers, and thus forming stronger state and local governments and not depending on Federal “everything-ness.” On that point I believe our Tea Party friends have done us a  service and are keeping the rest of the GOP accountable (as well as our Democrat friends) to follow more fully  the Constitution of the United States.  On several other major points however I am far to the left of them. We have to find creative ways to balance the budget without sacrificing humans who need our help just to live. In a nation where fewer and fewer belong to organized religions, expecting only faith-based groups to take care of the poor while the rest of society ignores them is ludicrous. There are better answers and they tend towards the middle.  So please do not suggest or imply that I am secretly or otherwise a “Tea Partyer,” or, conversely, an “Occupier.” I am in reality neither. And a little of both.

As I have said before, all comments are welcome but all are moderated, and only approved if I do not feel that they detract from the original post.  If they veer us far off the topic, use more than mild profanity and/or the name of our Lord in vain, or become deliberately argumentative and vitriolic (common examples might be colorful phrases such as  “those damned idiot Republicans” or those “friggin’ fake Christian Democrats”), they will not be posted so save your energy.  If your additions however are part of a lively but respectful discussion, all views are invited. We can and should learn from those we may disagree with. I know I need to.

The disclaimer is ended. Go in peace.  Thanks be to God.

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